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Add a Logo to your Feed

Jonathan Snook, one of the few people I have met in real life, has taken it upon himself to write up a tutorial on how you can get your logo in your Atom or RSS feed.
While he does point out that many RSS feed readers do not support this feature, for the ones that do, you get to add a bit of your own brand, and thus exposure to more than just your content.

Many complain that RSS and Atom have taken away the possibility to maintain your personal brand. For the most part, that’s true. With so many people consuming content via RSS, I’m surprised anyone even knows who writes this stuff anymore. Many of the feed readers out there will snarf up your favicon, so at the very least, you should try to have one of those in place.
You can also add a path to an image in your RSS or Atom feed.

Read the whole article and get instructions on how to do it yourself at