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Adding TinyMCE Editor to the Prologue Theme

Love the Prologue theme, but not the minimalist post box it includes? Raj Dash on Performancing has heard your cries and gone ahead and created a tutorial on adding the TinyMCE editor to the theme.

Twitter-like microbloggging functionality. But out of the box, the theme has a very plain edit area (see image below), and adding links, images, etc., is tedious.
Fortunately, there’s a really easy fix to this problem: TinyMCE editor. TinyMCE is a Javascript-based freeware editor. If you have a recent version of WordPress, it’s the default “visual” editor that you get in the admin panel. Thanks to its easy integration features, we can use this as a replacement to the default HTML message editor in the Prologue theme. And you won’t believe how incredibly easy it is to hack it. I think it took me about 2 minutes, not including download and installation. I’m actually surprised that Automattic didn’t do it themselves.

Definitely worth checking out if you want to add features and functions for users that aren’t familiar with HTML.