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Adii on Frameworks: No Love

Adii, a well known WordPress theme developer has put up a post on his blog about WordPress Theme Frameworks, and his opinions regarding them.
He makes his own opinions perfectly clear in his post saying things like:

A framework per definition includes features & functions that are not necessarily going to be used, which means it does a helluva lot of different things from a bunch of different people. Great. But consider that when 75% of those features aren’t used by the end-user, that your code suddenly becomes bloated like hell. Instead of having to make quick / easy tweaks to the code base now; the user has to delete the code that they’re not using (i.e. to clean things up).

Unfortunately, as you can see in the comments of his post, others don’t agree with him. I am one of those people, as I believe that increasing the “code bloat” in themes, will continue to lower the barrier for entry when it comes to WordPress users and customizing their blogs.
Once you get to a certain level of programming knowledge, it can be easy to forget how difficult things are to non-coders, and as such the vision of the developer becomes clouded in that respect, and I believe Adii’s vision is clouded on this subject, as he continues to defend his position of mis-understanding with regards to the benefits of feature filled WordPress themes.
What do you think, do we still need to lower the barrier for entry when it comes to customizing WordPress blogs or is everyone able to edit theme files, CSS and more?
You can read his full post on his blog