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AdSense and Other Contextual Ad Programs Play Nice

Jensense has put up a post that many site owners have been waiting a long time to see. Recently, Google has made some changes to their AdSense program that had some people rushing for the exit sign, but another set of changes might have them coming back.
Here is a quick quote to break down what the newest set of changes really means for AdSense publishers.

Using Yahoo Pubisher Network is still a no go, because the YPN terms still contain a clause (For any webpage or RSS feed that includes the Ad Code, you agree not to display or link to any other advertising (including but not limited to any listing) that is mapped to or responds to the content of the Ad Page) preventing publishers from using another contextual ad network on the same page as YPN ads. However, I am following up with Yahoo on this issue to find out if they will be loosening this clause now or in the future to permit AdSense and YPN to run on the same page. I will update you on this issue if I get information about whether or not YPN will decide to do this.
However IntelliTXT is one I get plenty of questions on, and publishers can definitely run IntelliTXT with AdSense, provided the pop-up does not either mimic AdSense ads or obscure any AdSense ad units running on the same page.
And any other contextual ads are now fine to run, provided their own terms do allow other contextual ads on the same page, and they do not mimic the AdSense ad units on the page you currently run.

So if you want to use Chitika and Adsense on the same page, you now can. This is great news for some people. I just hope others don’t get too carried away with this new freedom.