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Advertising Networks: A Comprehensive List

John Chow, becoming more and more well known to me over the last while has decided to take the time to compile a list of all the advertising opportunities that a blogger might want to research and be part of.
He not only breaks them up into different categories, but does not use any affiliate links in the list, so you can check them out without lining his pockets.

This list will be part of a new webmaster resource site that will feature discussions and ratings on the listed advertising companies. The site will be launching soon. In the mean time, I have decided to give you a preview of the master list. The list is pretty big at 130 companies. I wonder how many will still be around in a year or two?

He makes a great point. What I am noticing is that because more and more companies are getting into the business of helping bloggers get advertisers on their sites, it is getting so diluted. Some networks probably can’t even fill one tenth of the members needs, due to advertisers not moving as fast to fill the advertisement slots, as bloggers are at making them.
With such a large amount of companies doing this, some are definetly going to fail, which brings back the safeness of Google Adsense. I know it will be around in the next year or two.