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Akismet: New Commercial Pricing

Akismet has done a great thing and introduced a tiered Enterprise pricing service starting at $50 a month for 5 commercial blogs. They have also added a new level of service for those using the Akismet API for various other tools beyond the original WordPress blogs it was created for.

The first thing you’ll notice is the Enterprise access now has several price levels starting from $50/mo based on how many blogs you have. This should allow more flexibility for businesses just getting started out.
Second we’ve seen a lot of use of the Akismet API for things which aren’t blogs at all, like feedback forms, guestbooks, and more. For this type of use people might find it easiest to purchase commercial use based on the number of calls they make to Akismet, so we conjured up a new system called the Access API, which also starts at $50 a month.

Read all about it over at the Akismet Blog.