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Akismet: One Hundred Million Spam

Time flies when you are fighting spam. It seems like only yesterday they were at the two million spam mark but now Akismet is showing over one hundred million spam blocked.

This will probably be the last spam milestone we blog for a while, but a few hours ago Akismet passed 100,000,000 spams blocked. Whoa.
When we hit one million spams blocked I talked about how much time Akismet has saved its users if you made the assumption of 1 second per spam that Akismet caught and you never had to see. Going by that same formula, Akismet has now saved folks 27,777 hours or about 3.2 years of consectutive 24-hour days.
This of course doesn’t include time saved by regular commenters not having to deal with difficult-to-read CAPTCHA images, boil-the-ocean authentication schemes, or complicated confirmation systems.

Great stuff Automattic.