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Amazing Blogger: Vivien of Inspiration Bit

About half a month ago, I put a call out on Blogging Pro for Amazing Bloggers. Bloggers that are unsung heroes, bloggers striving for more with their blog, and I got many great responses. I have only replied to one person so far, and that is our first Amazing Blogger, a fellow Canadian, Vivien of Inspiration Bit.
Vivian has been blogging for a little over six months, having launched her blog in December of 2006. She notes that she didn’t get serious with it until a month later in January.
Like I, and others have said before, it is not about how long you have been blogging, but bringing something new, amazing, or different to the world. Vivien has done this on a few occasions with posts like:

I also asked her two key questions in an e-mail interview. First, I asked what is her best memory is in relation to blogging?

I don’t think I can pinpoint one best memory. I have several of them and they are all tied with my blog readers. The turning point for me was the day when I got my first 10 RSS subscribers after only two weeks of blogging and not much promo. I was motivated and inspired, it made me to become more aware of what kind of topics I should write about on my blog.
The best blogging feeling I had came with a realization that somehow I managed to build a loyal community of readers on my blog. From then on practically all my blog posts receive feedback and comments. This made me to be more conscientious about my blogging habbits. My recent survey made me very happy with the awareness that I shouldn’t worry too much about the occasional periods of silence on my blog – my readers stick with Inspiration Bit because of its content and style, not the number of posts per week.

And secondly, I hit upon the key thing that I wanted to know, which is where does she see from her blogging efforts.

I hope it will bring me many more opportunities to meet and get to know some fascinating people that I would’ve never had a chance to meet in the offline world.
One of my initial intentions for blogging was to interview some famous personalities who inspire me with their achievements and post them for my blog readers. Right now it’s practically impossible to set up such interviews. Looks like most weblebrities and celebrities don’t like wasting their precious time on giving interviews to some unknown blogs like mine. So I hope that my blog receives enough recognition to allow me such interviews.
I would love to see Inspiration Bit to become the inspirational oasis of the blogiverse. After all, Knowledge comes from Inspiration – one bit at a time.

Note: If I haven’t contacted you back yet, that doesn’t mean you haven’t been selected. I have been quite busy, and will be replying as I select people. Also, there is still time to put your name in. Read my previous post on Blogging Pro, and contact me.