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Amazing How Themes Spread

It always amazes me how something as simple as a template or theme can be spread, maniplated and changed online.
Recently, Phu Ly has mentioned that his popular theme Simpla has been converted to the default theme for a Ruby on Rails blogging system called Mephisto.
Andreas Viklund, a template designer never expected his themes to spread as they did. Becoming WordPress themes, among being themes for other blogging engines.
It always amazes me as themes are changed and grow outwards from the creator’s original ideas, and preconceptions.
One of the great successes of WordPress especially, but other blogging engines to a lesser extent is the themes and how they can grow and change. Sometimes though people push the boundaries that people will accept by stealing their theme, and moulding it into their own.
I would love to see a more substantial organizationary system on which themes are open for tampering and changing and repackaging as one’s own, and themes where the originator would like them not to be touched.
I would love to hear how others have watched their themes spread on the net, so let me know in the comments how creating a theme has spread and what else it has done for you.