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Amazon by the Numbers

Amazon by the Numbers

The chances are that you are connected to Amazon in one way or another. Perhaps your blog is part of the Amazon Affiliate Program. Perhaps you use Amazon Web Services. I’m pretty sure you’ve bought from Amazon at least once.

But have you ever thought about the immensity of the business Jeff Bezos has created? We have heard all sorts of stories – I’m sure some are true while others are not – about the founder of Amazon. He’s been called a genius. He’s also been labeled as the bad guy.

Looking at Amazon, though, we get to see just how massive the company’s operations are; and there are also nice tidbits that you may not have known. Here’s an infographic from TechieSense, which will shed some insight into the household name called Amazon; before that, here’s a quick rundown of some of the best details:

  • Jeff Bezos only makes $81,840 per year, even though he is CEO.
  • Amazon started by selling only books to selling everything from clothing to electronics. That’s a total of 17 umbrella categories, with 143 subcategories!
  • Amazon has 132,600 employees
  • Amazon is the number one spender when it comes to Google ads – a total of $158 million (2013)
  • When Amazon went down for less than an hour (49 minutes) last year, the company lost about $4.8 million in sales.
  • Amazon’s sales during Cyber Monday of 2014 amounted to 37 million items, which translates to 428 purchases per second.
  • Every employee has to spend two days every two years as a customer service representative. This includes the CEO himself.

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