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Analysis of Bloggers

There is a great post up on Read/WriteWeb about bloggers, the types that are currently out there, and where the blogosphere may be heading. It is a bit long, but very enjoyable, especially if you are interested in blogging for a variety of reasons.
Here is a snippet from the article:

It was a good conference and we had several interesting conversations, but I walked away with a strange feeling. Somehow it seemed that blogging just isn’t that hot anymore. The feeling has been exacerbated by the latest slow down in news. My feeds just do not update that often these days. Can it be that the digestion phase applies to blogs just as it applies to startups? In this post we’ll investigate whether the blogosphere is going through a digestion phase.

Definitely worth a read though I hope we are not in a digestion phase. I still like the crazy unbridled growth we’ve seen over the past two or three years.