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Are Personal Blogs too Personal?

Recently, I put up a post on why people blog, and really it brings up another subject that has been highly debated in my family: personal blogs are too personal.
Many blogs, including my personal one, discuss my family members, friends, and people I come into contact with in great detail, and some of them don’t always like what I chose to write on the site. Interestingly enough, I have never been asked to take down a post by any family or friends.
Personal blogs allow people to rant and rave about their lives, and talk about the things that make them different, special, or even just keep them going from day to day, but what if it goes too far and offends someone or talks about something that another mentioned person feels is too personal? My family can be much more conservative than me when it comes to talking about life and whatnot. They don’t see the reason behind me even having a personal blog. Why does the whole world need to know how my life and family are doing? Why does the whole world need to know he activities and tasks that I take on?
Where do you draw the line with personal blogs? I know many bloggers only refer to their significant others with “codeword” names or their first initial, or have been told never to mention certain subjects.
It is an interesting problem for people out there that really want to connect with other people and let them into our lives and point of view as we have to try not to compromise the comfort of anyone else. Anyone have any thoughts on this?