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Are You Blogging What You Should Be Blogging?

Making sure you stay on topic with your own blog can be quite easy, but when you are looking to get paid for blogging, sometimes you think “any job will do”, but Lorelle goes over her own experiences blogging outside her comfort zone at The Blog Herald.

I took a fresh look at it and cringed. While I knew my readers might be interested in the subject, this wasn’t something I was interested in. It just wasn’t important to me. Others had said much wiser and saner things than I could add to the conversation. I had a hard time finding the value I could give to the post to make it work publishing. It just wasn’t “me” nor my blog, no matter how interesting it was. It wasn’t right.
I selected the whole thing and deleted it.

Some of the most successful bloggers I have ever met are the ones that have stuck to the subjects they truly enjoyed. Your passion, or disdain for a subject comes out in your writing, and that can interest your readers, or make them avoid your blog. Besides, writing about what you love is more fun. Check out Lorelle’s full post on The Blog Herald.