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Automattic Founders To Get Money

Everything makes sense in the world again. Recently, there were reports that Automattic, the people that “run” WordPress, had turned down $200 million dollars, but now it seems that they may have made a smart move, and are now set to receive $50 million. When is $50 million better than $200? When you don’t have to sell the whole company. The new round of financing, led by Polaris, who have already invested in Automattic, will mostly be used to cash out the founders.
Guess Matt can now afford to buy himself some pretty nice clothing, and pay for all those trips to WordCamps around the world. No details are yet set in stone, as this is still rumour and speculation, but if it was good enough for Michael Arrington to mention on TechCrunch, then I figure it is good enough to bring up here.
Automattic hasn’t yet confirmed the deal, but it would be a great birthday present to me (its my 25th), if they contacted me about an exclusive. Automattic is definitely a very business savvy company.