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Automattic is Hiring

The Automattic team are looking for two new people to join their ranks with a position open for both a Code Wrangler and Systems Wrangler.

Code Wrangler
We currently have 4 engineers at Automattic. As a developer here you’re responsible for Making Stuff Go. The job is tough to describe because it’s so broad, but historically it has included new product development from conception to implementation, high-volume and high-concurrency programming, and a MacGyver-like dedication to squashing bugs.
Systems Wrangler
In 2006 our systems grew 20-30x in nearly every measurable way, we’re gearing up for a similarly exciting 2007. We’re committed to providing the fastest and most reliable web experience out there, which means eliminating as many single points of failure as possible. We currently support 150+ machines in multiple datacenters. If the goal of this role had to be described in one sentence, it would be to remove all friction from developers’ minds.

So if you think you have the skills, you have until the 28th to put in your resume.