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bbPress 0.72: Forum Software by the WordPress folks

If you love WordPress, and need some forum software, you might want to check out bbPress, which was released four days ago as version 0.72, much like WordPress’ beginnings, but bbPress is said to be much more polished than the start of WordPress by far.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. bbPress has officially been released, and we’re calling it 0.72: Bix. 0.72 after WordPress’ auspicious beginnings, and Bix for Bix Beiderbecke’s inspiring sound and really hep name.
We think this release is pretty swell, and we can only imagine you’ll have plenty to say about it. To that end, we’ve set up some forums to get the conversations going (and to show off the goods!).

Some important features to note include the integration of Akismet anti-spam protection, and my favorite feature: complete integration with WordPress. Also, for our growing RSS based world, you can get an RSS feed off of just about anything. How cool is that? Check out bbPress.