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Be Provocative – Competing for Attention

Creating Passionate Users has a post up that everyone needs to read, not just bloggers called “Be Provocative”.

If we want our users (members, guests, students, potential customers, kids, co-workers, etc.) to pay attention, we have to be provocative. We can moan all we want about how the responsible person should pay attention to what’s important rather than what’s compelling. But it’s not about responsibility or maturity. It’s not even about interest. It’s about the brain.

Much of what many professional bloggers have built up is from being atleast a little provacative. They do something so different, or interesting that you can’t help but pay attention to their every move, even if they are not really a thought-leader, or an expert in a field.
I find myself struggling with this, and if you look at the pie chart included on the Be Provacative post, you will understand why. So much of our lives is spent thinking about things other than advancing our life and career in exciting and interesting ways, and we really have to work hard to get our brain to do the things we want it to do, and do things in such a way that attracts the attention we want in life.
There are some great tips on how to achieve this in the post, so check out Be Provocative on Creating Passionate Users.