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How to Become a Fiverr Top Rated Seller

I wanted to dedicate today’s blog post to Fiverr, considering many bloggers also like to perform different gigs on the side. Becoming a top Fiverr seller also helps your blog thanks to your increased budget, and may even help you give blogging-related tasks more practice.

As Fiverr takes a 20% fee from every order, and then PayPal takes an additional cut, the following tips are crucial to help maximize your income on the popular marketplace. Let’s get started with some tips to help you become a Fiverr top rated seller.

Focus on Quick Gigs

Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do over the web, many of them taking only 10-20 minutes with practice. Sample jobs may include:

Facebook commenting
Blog commenting
CGI video intros (use, or other)
70-word product descriptions
Quick image editing

Longer gigs have their place, too, but those should be completed for a higher price. More on that later.

Deliver in 24 Hours

Gigs that can be delivered in 24 hours are drastically more attractive than those taking 3-7 days.

If you don’t quite have the time, reassess your current schedule and compromise an hour of sleep, television, or anything else you might consider optional. Remember, we live in a fast-paced world and people want things fast. Don’t disappoint them.

Present your Gig via Video

Fiverr has always stated that presenting your gig in video format delivers higher engagement.

So, even if you refuse to show your face or speak in front of the camera, at least make a quick slideshow video consisting of beautiful text and images. You only get to do this once; what’s there to lose?

Offer Similar Gig Versions

Offering similar versions of your existing gigs never fails, as you could potentially reach different audiences with varying needs. In fact, this is one of the quickest ways to become a Fiverr top rated seller, as many others have already proven in the past.

A good example might be video voiceovers. Are you bilingual? Offer the same gig in both languages. Same goes for article writing, as well as video presentations in different styles (casual, professional, comical, and other types of presentations).

Offer Incentives


Incentives provide a mutual benefit and everyone wins.

Do you have a repeat customer? Compose an extra 50 words from your article writing gig on his second or third order. Think of anything you could scale without much effort, which will then lead to even more customers, better feedback, and more money.

Leverage Gig Extras

This is one of Fiverr’s greatest features, as it’s allowed people to make much more than a mere $4.

Fiverr grants the ability to provide extra gigs for additional pricing. If you offer 200 words for $5, offer an extra consisting of 250 words for $5.

If a gig normally takes you three days to complete, offer to deliver it in 24 hours for an extra fee. Just about anything can go here, and this is where you should get creative.

Provide Discounted Custom Orders

While not every gig can (or should) be offered at a discount, it wouldn’t hurt to take off $5 or $10 from certain projects depending on their nature.

This helps you establish a great connection with first-time buyers and turn them into repeat customers. It also leads to more positive feedback, which is crucial in just about any marketplace.


Some Fiverr sellers create multiple gigs and expect orders to start raining. While this actually happens in many cases, let’s keep in mind that Fiverr is an extremely competitive place.

Considering that your gig is almost never unique (let’s face it), you should treat it the same way you promote your blog and online business. Think about sharing it with your social media following, forum signatures, and other communities such as Reddit.

You can also incorporate your gigs into your blog articles (for example, 3 Ways to Get a Professional Logo Under $25). Also consider dropping your Fiverr gig when guest blogging.

Final Thoughts

Being a Fiverr top rated seller will take some serious work and dedication, no matter how “quick and easy” your gigs may be. Once you reach a certain level, however, you could potentially make a full-time income through this competitive, yet highly-rewarding source.

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