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Best Advice on Growing a Blog

Warren Meyer has it right when he says on Coyote Blog that posting frequently can bring a blog from nothing to something.

Here is the lesson I have learned: You have just got to write a lot. Other bloggers will notice you and start linking back to you when you write about them…
Write a lot on your blog, and comment on other people’s blogs, if you really have energy to burn, and the traffic will show up. Search engine traffic alone will bring new readers, and the more you post, the more different searches will find you

I totally agree, and this is part of the reason for the increase in posts on BloggingPro. We want to really ramp things up around here and make this place one of the best blogging related blogs out there.
If you want to do the same on your blog, get more posts on your site, and you will notice a difference, even adding one or two more a week can have drastic changes over the long term.
via The Blog Herald