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The Best Blogging Tools for Bloggers in 2021

Great tools and resources for 2021

As the new year rolls in, you might still be feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed with everything related to blogging.

We already talked about quitting the rat race in 2021, but there’s simply so many moving pieces to blogging successfully…

No worries, as the following can help lessen the burden of blogging and overall social media growth.

Today we’ll dive into the best blogging tools for bloggers in 2021, along with evergreen resources (websites) to help you along the way.

So, ready to hit the ground running? Let’s get started.


Price: Free ($30/mo for additional features)

Ubersuggest is an all-in-one tool that allows you to search for popular long-tail keywords and provides a handful of related perks. It also provides unique content ideas with actual keywords included in each suggestion.

This suite also inspects your (or your competitor’s) website to help you track the most successful pages by keyword and areas where improvement is needed.

Answer the Public

Price: Free ($79/mo for additional features)

Start by entering a keyword or phrase, and this service finds hundreds of questions that are actually asked by the masses.

While this alone doesn’t provide enough insights, you can gather the results and insert them into Google Keyword Planner and other services like the aforementioned Ubersuggest to hypercharge your research.


Price: Starting at $99/mo

Identify the most shared content on social media based on keywords or a specified URL, enabling you to brainstorm only the best content ideas from there.

You may also use the tool to identify engaging influencers on the web, track mentions, and spot emerging trends.


Price: Free

While this isn’t a traditional tool, I feel that Reddit is rarely used for brand growth. Here’s my recommended way to leverage it for traffic and followers:

Create a brand new subreddit, then manually message those who are interested in your niche (find them by visiting related subreddits) and invite them to yours.

Post useful content (in its entirety) on existing subreddits, where allowed. Have something to share? Post the entire thing as a thread, but passively mention your blog as an optional way to get additional information. But again, never force readers to “visit your link to learn more.” That just doesn’t work.

best blogging tools 2021


Price: $19/mo

Keeping up with social media is time-consuming. MeetEdgar automatically shares your posts, schedules them for a future date, and even re-shares them more than once.

You should also use it to promote other people’s content and to post the occasional unrelated updates. This gives you a well-rounded way to go about your social media strategy.


Price: $29/mo

Awario tracks any mention of your brand in real time. You can then join in the conversation to provide more details or to help close a deal/sale.

You may even get results to your inbox and get hyper-specific with Boolean searches.

Revive Old Posts

Price: Free (with optional paid addons)

Share new and old content as soon as they’re published, or schedule content for a future date.

You can also set the time in between shares, specify categories, exclude content types, generate hashtags, and integrate Google Analytics. Blogging can be a lot of work, so this automation tool can greatly help manage your time more efficiently.


Price: Free ($4.50+ for additional features)

This is a powerful keyword research tool specifically for YouTube. Find phrases people are actually looking for, generate relevant tags, and even create eye-catching thumbnail images with this service alone.

Moreover, TubeBuddy assists with deeper analytics, content ideas, scheduled publishing, and even analyses your keyword strategy similarly to tools like Yoast SEO.


Price: $40/mo

Speaking of YouTube, Storyblocks is the perfect companion to create videos with ease. The service has thousands of stock footage in both video and image formats, allowing you to make videos without ever showing your face (if you’re the shy type).

All in all, the video content is practically created for you.


Price: Free ($49/mo+ for additional features)

Some bloggers are tricky to get a hold of. If you wish to contact anyone directly through your inbox, Hunter can help you find their actual email address.

This service is admittedly not for everyone, but it can be useful if you wish to get in touch with website owners whose main contact form is broken or outdated (I have personally encountered plenty of those).

HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator

Price: Free

As the name suggests, this simple title generator helps you come up with blog titles to ensure you never run out of great ideas.

These types of tools are never perfect, but they can help brainstorm some truly amazing topics with some tweaking involved.

Themify Builder

Price: Free ($69 for additional features)

This page builder allows you to insert and organize content just about anywhere within a page. It also comes with countless modules (elements) such as Google Maps, video modules, email capture forms, reviews/testimonials, and much more.

In short, this is a great page builder without the need for programming knowledge.


Price: Free ($49 for additional features)

Are you building email subscribers yet? Unfortunately, SEO traffic can die in an instant and social media giants (such as Instagram) can shut you down for very little reason.

This is why you must grow a list of loyal subscribers, as it helps keep blog traffic and overall engagement.


Price: Free

There’s very little to lose with Medium, considering you can use it strictly for article syndication purposes.

For example, you may publish an article on your blog and then repost it on Medium a week later.

You can start to build quite an audience (on Medium itself) if you use it properly and consistently. And considering you don’t need to rewrite any of the content, Medium is like managing a second blog on “easy mode.”


Price: Free ($3/mo for additional features)

Todoist helps you create to-do lists and customize them in any way you like. Get notified about new/recurring tasks or handle them on specified days.

Keep everything neatly organized, categorized, and color-coded. Perfect for those who manage multiple resources throughout the month.


Ironically, relying on too many productivity tools can actually hinder your overall success if you become paralyzed with abundant options.

Write down everything you need to multiply your success in 2021, implement only one or two to start, and use them with realistic expectations.

Best of luck!