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The 12 Best Blogs for Bloggers and Business Enthusiasts

Learn About Blogging with these Experts…

It’s common for us bloggers to know one another, or to at least be familiar with our respective websites. Due to their admirable work ethic, today I’d like to acknowledge these creative geniuses for the immense amount of benefits they consistently bring to the masses.

The following are some of the best platforms in the business world to learn about blogging and everything that comes with it. Each of these can single-handedly improve your business, finances, and your life as a whole. Let’s take a closer look at the best of the best (in no particular order).

Under 30 CEO

best blogs for business


Under 30 CEO means business, and they want to make sure you succeed through non-stop advice in the form of podcasts and written posts. These guys cover everything from launching a great business, growing it, expanding it, and everything in between.

It’s also a good place to learn more about blogging and writing in general; all in all, you’ll find everything necessary to become successful.

Jeff Bullas

best business blogs

Jess Bullas has been featured on Forbes, The New York Times and many more places for a reason: The man knows what he’s talking about and he’s got the content to prove it.

His self-titled blog covers anything from blogging to advertising to personal growth and much more. He’s also unbelievably down to earth, so don’t hesitate to contact him if you ever have any questions about your own business/blogging journey.

Bloggers Required

learn about blogging

Bloggers Required is an interesting platform where companies/brands post assignments to be completed either online or offline. A typical task may recruit bloggers for sponsored posts, create a video-based product review, and much more.

Likewise, you’re welcome to sign up and apply to such assignments and gain other benefits (such as having your personal blog articles promoted on their platform). The place is also great to learn about blogging and marketing in general. What’s not to love?

Entrepreneur on Fire

interview experts

Entrepreneur on Fire is perhaps the most unique of the bunch, as it primarily focuses on podcasts and spoken interviews.

It’s not uncommon for John Lee Dumas to interview famous and highly successful people, all of which have started a mega profitable business online or offline. Use this blog to pick people’s brain, learn from their mistake, and be inspired by their monumental success.


most successful bloggers

As Mixergy states, their mission is to “introduce you to doers and thinkers whose ideas and stories are so powerful that just hearing them will change you.”

Much like Entrepreneur on Fire, this is the place you go to learn from the best. Their interviews and courses teach how to launch and run million-dollar businesses online and offline — all in a friendly and digestible fashion.

Blogging from Paradise

best travel blogs

Blogging from Paradise is hands down one of the best sources for travel bloggers. This gem revolves around the nomad lifestyle as you pick where to live and how/when to travel, all while living a successful and lucrative life as a blogger.

Ryan Biddulph is also quite the charismatic fellow, which is partly the reason readers keep coming back for more. If you ever wanted to learn about blogging and making money while traveling the world, then you’re in luck.

Smart Blogger

jon morrow

Everyone loves Jon Morrow, and for damn good reason. This is a guy that’s been through hell and back, and now he wants to teach you everything he’s learned along the way.

Topics are generally about blogging, writing, business, and (occasionally) personal development. But don’t be fooled by these dime-a-dozen topics, because Smart Blogger will always go above and beyond to publish the best possible version available on the web. Simply put, each article could be its own short book.

Niche Hacks

The average blog typically explains how to theoretically make money, but very few dive into such deep details and stats the way Niche Hacks does.

The blog basically explores lucrative niches and shows you exactly what you need in order to tap into them. Stuart discloses an unbelievable amount of numbers and crucial data about each niche, including the best keywords to target, the potential audience you could gain, and how profitable the market is.

Don’t start a new niche blog before visiting this one.

The Penny Hoarder

best finance blogs

The Penny Hoarder isn’t your typical “blog about blogging,” as it’s essentially a personal finance site. It talks about unique/intriguing ways to save and make money, many which involve online-based ventures.

This site is incredibly useful because it allows you – the blogger – to make supplemental income as a means of growing your business.

Successful Blogging

learn about blogging

What I like about this one is Sue’s uncanny ability to breathe new life into just about everything. Don’t be surprised if you learn of a *brand new* way to get blog traffic or build your mailing list, all of which you had likely NOT heard before.

Not only that, but everything she writes is from very personal experience and she explains exactly how to go about it for best results. Successful Blogging is where you go when you want to learn about blogging and are serious about business, so please drop by and start taking notes.

Donna Merrill Tribe

Donna Merrill is quite an interesting person, having learned much about marketing from her good old days as a psychic.

Many of the things she teaches online were learned from her older business (especially the marketing portions) and it’s all working out wonderfully. As a result, Donna now teaches unique ways to attract people to your own business and make it explode.

Addicted 2 Success

best personal development blogs

This blog is primarily a source for personal development, but you can apply every available topic to your business and long-term success. In fact, there’s a little bit for everyone here (including entrepreneurship and blogging) along with tons of uplifting advice that are guaranteed to keep you going strong.

I personally suggest you read at least one blog post a day to keep your motivation and entrepreneurial spirit in top shape — and Addicted to Success is the perfect place to do so.

Your Turn

Do you have any other blog you’d like to share? Simply leave a comment below for others to discover.

Likewise, would you like to create highly successful blogs like these ones? Be sure to read our extensive guide on starting a blog if you don’t yet have one.