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The Best Content Syndication Platforms for Bloggers

Here are the best content syndication platforms, and why they’re so important

In the context of blogging, syndication essentially means republishing your content on a website other than your own. This may include an excerpt on third-party blogs, or even the full article word for word.

Content syndication is primarily ideal to spread brand awareness and even to attract some referral traffic as a secondary benefit.

Notes: Contrary to what you may have heard, reposting existing content elsewhere does not automatically lead to search engine penalties. These engines simply show users the most appropriate version to users, usually the original version published on your blog.

However, this is not always the case, as search engine algorithms can be complex and may sometimes prioritize your syndicated version within search results. Refer to this Google resource for more details.

With that out of the way, let’s look at the best websites to syndicate your content and further explain why these platforms are immensely useful for your overall blogging strategy.


Best Content Syndication

Put simply, Medium is one of the most popular article publishing platforms on this list, and bloggers rely on it to post original and syndicated content alike.

Publishers also use Medium to make money directly through the platform, all thanks to its built-in monetization system for anyone who decides to opt in. Although that’s a topic for a future article, it gives you a general idea of how powerful and versatile Medium can be.

Anyway, simply log into your Medium account and click your Profile from the upper-right corner. Then, click “Stories” followed by “Import a Story” to get started.


republish articles

This popular social network opened its doors to traditional articles a few years ago. While it’s not necessarily ideal for every niche, it works pretty well for readers with an entrepreneurial and career mindset.

Click “Write an Article” from your main news feed to get started. Excerpts and full articles are perfectly acceptable.


Reddit needs no introduction at this point, as I’m sure you’re aware of its massive popularity and prominence on the internet.

As a quick reminder, Reddit largely consists of user-created “subreddits” which are similar to categories in a traditional forum. You may find subreddits that discuss weight loss, travel, business, home improvement, and just about any topic under the sun.

Since Reddit is primarily a forum (as opposed to an article publishing platform), you’ll need to syndicate your content with extra care. Here’s what I mean:

Each subreddit is owned by a user, so you’ll have to follow its rules. Refer to the subreddit’s sidebar (located on the right) to learn what’s acceptable to publish.

You want to ideally publish a portion of your existing articles as an answer to an existing question or discussion. You may otherwise start your own discussion while posting the article (or part of it) as the main takeaways.

Do NOT perform the above very often and don’t just publish your existing content time and time again; in fact, participate on Reddit like any other person and only syndicate your content once in a while, when appropriate.

In addition to the above, never force readers to “visit your website” to read the full answer. Post everything people should know and link back to your original content for reference. But again, never leave any information out of the discussion in hopes of driving users back to your blog.


You may use Quora in a similar fashion as Reddit, leveraging it to repost your content as the main answers to relevant questions. As explained above with Reddit, keep a few basic guidelines in mind:

  • Don’t rely solely on your previously-published content to answer questions
  • Inform readers where your answers come from and link back to their original source
  • Aim to provide fresh (original) details along with your syndicated answers

Honorable Mentions

Finding other syndication platforms through specialized searches: There are countless blogs and lesser-known sources that gladly accept your previously-published content. Even if these platforms are smaller, many of them are read by a niche and loyal crowd.

Search Google for phrases such as:

  • “Article originally appeared on”
  • “Originally published in”
  • “Published with permission”
  • “Syndicated with permission”

Play around with the above phrases and modify them for best results.

Pinterest and Instagram: This very article is aimed at those who publish written content as their primary focus. However, you should still rely on Pinterest and Instagram considering that your articles should always be accompanied by high-quality images.

Publish your blog posts’ images to these platforms while referring viewers back to its original source (or watermarking your images).

Smaller blogging sources like Listiller: This website accepts original and syndicated content based on freelance culture and solopreneurship. As with most other platforms, you may republish your articles in their entirety or simply a small excerpt.

Full disclosure: Listiller is a long-established platform created and managed by me, and it’s been used by countless writers since 2013.

Niche forums: Many forums come with a built-in “blog” that’s attached specifically to your account. Leverage this platform to republish excerpts or full-length articles. This is especially useful if you’re highly active and relatively known among forum members.

How to Leverage Syndication Networks

Much like traditional blogging, content syndication networks have the power to bring you an endless amount of recognition (and some traffic) depending on how you use them.

Here are some tips to maximize your efforts:

Don’t consider them an afterthought: Syndicate every piece of (useful) content as opposed to only using these networks whenever you feel like it. Take them as seriously as your very own blog and prioritize them on your to-do list.

Use multiple platforms at once: Since you don’t have to rewrite the content or perform additional research, posting your existing articles to multiple places is incredibly easy. Here’s my personal suggestion:

  • Bookmark all of these networks and keep them visibly (and easily) accessible
  • Make extra time in your day to use them (wake up 20 minutes earlier if you must)
  • Use as many platforms as possible, but not if you feel overwhelmed. Try one at a time and go from there
  • Mention its original source at the top/start of the syndicated article in addition to the end (this gives you more opportunities to disclose your blog)

What’s Next

So, what’s next? The answer is simple: Save the above list, sign up with an account if necessary, and create a solid schedule around them. And remember, it doesn’t take a lot of time to republish your existing content.

Don’t let content syndication go to waste if you truly wish to spread your brand across the internet. Best of luck.