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The Best Facebook Reaction Plugins for WordPress

How to Add Facebook Reactions to Your Blog

Thanks to Facebook’s popularity, any seemingly simple idea often becomes wildly trendy and users embrace it with open arms. One of Facebook’s latest offerings is the ability for people to better express themselves thanks to its ‘Like Reactions’ feature.

This addition lets you post an emoticon whenever you ‘Like’ someone’s post, ranging from happy to sad to funny. Considering it’s been well-received by users, wouldn’t it nice if your WordPress blog had a similar feature as well?

Let’s look into various Facebook reaction plugins for WordPress to add more style to your content.

DW Reactions

Facebook reactions plugins

This plugin comes with six reactions (as of this writing) including: Laugh, love, like, sad, surprised, and angry. This plugin, while not as robust as some of the ones below, does a pretty decent job with the exception of certain themes not yet supporting it very well.

Otherwise DW Reactions is simple and easy to use, ideal if you’re looking to quickly set something up without many bells and whistles. It also possesses a similar design to that of Facebook reactions, making the learning curve even easier for you and end-users alike.

Its main features include the ability to toggle a “Reactions count” on posts, limiting the plugin only to registered users, shortcode usage, and mobile device implementation.

The plugin’s premium version brings more cool, albeit optional features. You can track statistics among users who have reacted, access a few more emoticons, as well as a widget that displays the most “Reacted to” posts on your blog.


add reactions to blog

MyEffecto implements a rating system based on emotional icons, allowing users to visually express how they feel about your content. These appear within a small menu and, similarly to Facebook, you may tell authors whether you like or dislike a post, and much more.

Simply visit the plugin options from the WordPress Settings tab, although it comes practically ready to use out of the box.

This is where it gets fun, though: The plugin comes with many emoticons and you can customize the text that accompanies each one. You may also choose to show these on pages, posts, and on the homepage. Lastly, it works pretty well on mobile devices to ensure everyone can react to your content properly.

Feelback Reactions


Among Facebook reaction plugins, this one is hit-and-miss when compared to the rest. However, it nicely implements the basic premise with a few extra settings in between.

With that said, this plugin is currently not among our favorites, considering the extra steps and general nuisance it currently presents.

For example, changing its settings requires you to create a free account on the plugin author’s website. Once registered, you must go back to your WordPress site and log in before being able to play with its options.

Thankfully not everything is bad news, and these are the main reasons I have included it in this post:

Select from over a dozen reaction-based themes.
Change the text that appears within the main reactions menu.
It provides an easy-to-spot counter to inform people how many have reacted a certain way.
Simple analysis detailing how many reactions you’ve received within a certain period.
Evaluate which type of content generates the most reactions.

Honorable mentions:

Emoji Reactions: Choose from over a dozen reactions and display them on posts, pages, and comments.

React & Share: Pretty neat contender among Facebook reaction plugins. Not only can users react – they can also share how they feel via social media.

Simple Emoji Reactions: Add Facebook reactions to your posts – limited features, but it gets the job done.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, Facebook reaction plugins will only increase in popularity, so feel free to jump on the bandwagon. Can you recommend other ways to add Facebook reactions to your blog?

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