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Rounding Up The Best Online Communities for Bloggers

I discussed the best online communities weeks ago. I featured sites where you can promote your posts and make connections with influencers.

It was not meant to be the most authoritative post about online communities. At best, it guides readers on how they can use their favorite online communities the right way.

There are lots of other sites that were not covered in the original post. But I did promise to cover other online communities that will help you achieve your goals.

The time has come for me to share them with you. Below are other best online communities that you as a blogger must use.

The sites will help promote your posts to a brand new audience. Becoming a member of the sites will let you connect with influential bloggers in your niche.



BizSugar is an online communities where bloggers submit posts and increase their visitors. It the brainchild of Anita Campbell, who is also the CEO of Small Business Trends, LLC.

The site caters to the business and marketing industries. It also divides the submitted post into marketing, technology, startups, finance, and management categories. 2015-08-25 12-22-39

When submitting a post, you put a “sugar” to it. This works like a Facebook like or a Reddit upvote. The posts with the most sugars for each category appears in the homepage. The idea now is to generate as much sugars for your posts as possible.

One way of doing this is to embed sharing tools on your post. BizSugar offers a WordPress plugin and voting button codes that you can install in your blog or site. 2015-08-25 12-09-59

As an online community, you can sugar and comment on the posts of other users. You can also add other users to your Friends list and send them private messages. Finding the most active users and befriending them can increase the sugars of your post.

Blog Engage 2015-08-25 12-43-13

BlogEngage works the same way as BizSugar. Users submit a post and get others to upvote your content. The more votes it receives, the higher it appears on the homepage. You can submit a post based on the appropriate categories. 2015-08-25 12-38-44

What separates BlogEngage from other online communities are its premium syndication options. Users can choose from Blog Marketing and Blog Management.

The former lets you syndicate your blog posts without submitting them. You can also get your posts to appear on the front page regardless of votes. The latter lets you give the site permission to create content on your behalf.

Another cool feature of BlogEngage is the contests. You can win free accounts for BlogEngage and Blokube (more on this site later).

Learn more about his contest by clicking here.

Learn more about his contest by clicking here.

Lots of people have used BlogEngage to market their posts and learn more about blogging. Below are some stories from previous and current users.

idwkst90uvfh4x5e8egmMy experience has been mostly positive. I [initially] came upon the community through one of the blogs I read. At the time, I didn’t understand it’s purpose (frankly, I wasn’t even aware of writing about blogging or any of that – It was in 2009, and I had just started a blog about Technology and Science).

Blog Engage introduced me to a lot of other bloggers, and their wonderful blogs (and through those blogs, I learned about writing – about blogging – and started doing so myself).

So, if not for BE, my life would be a lot different (as I wouldn’t have started my other blogs, wouldn’t have learned the things I did). Blogging changed my life – and it’s part thanks to BEJeevan Jacob John, Daring Blogger

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DSC_1712_avatarI used to work with Brian at BlogEngage and that is actually where I met many of the people that I work with today.  It was the “go to” place at one point in time.  It is still a great place to check out what everyone else is producing on their site.  What was really incredible was when Brian would have his quarterly contests.  The articles that were submitted for the contest were amazing!  I would visit the blog just to read and engage and that would then usher us into the community and interacting there, as well.  Those were the days!Deborah Anderson, Social Media Cafe

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Blokube 2015-08-25 12-49-18

Blokube is the sister company of BlogEngage, both owned by Brian Belfitt. This online community has a more streamlined approach to ranking submitted posts. The posts with most votes get ranked at the top of the front page.

The problem now is getting on top of the front page. There is a monopoly among power users of the sites. They occupy most of the top spots in the front page.

I assume they have the support of the users in the community, which explains the high number of votes. Penetrating through the barrier that have set may be difficult.

But as far as sharing your posts, Blokube is another place where you can drive more blog traffic.

Kingged is an interesting online community. I consider it as a “comment farm” in a good way. 2015-08-25 13-01-06

Do not let te site design fool you. It is one of the most vibrant communities online. Once the site approves your submitted content, expect to receive lots of comments. Aside from commenting on the submitted post, users also comment on the blog. 2015-08-25 13-09-21

Same comment from the site… 2015-08-25 14-25-05

…and the blog post!

The practice of posting the same comment on both sites is peculiar. Upon further research, encourages and rewards users who comment on a regular basis.

Learn more about this opportunity by reading this post.

This incentive makes one of the best traffic sources for my sites and blogs. You can also guarantee users to leave engaging comments on your posts.

Aside from submitting posts, you can submit guest posts on the site. This is a good way to feature your knowledge and get more people interested with your submitted posts. 2015-08-25 13-11-58

More information about this by clicking here.

Here’s a story of one user who uses to drive blog traffic and engage with the community.

David_Leonhardt_mediumKingged is often one of my top sources of traffic, and there is no question that it is the most engaged traffic of any social media source.  The mods there push hard for people to be active and social, not to just drop their links, and the results are tangible.David Leonhardt, THGM Writing Services

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Klinkk is another online community to submit your posts and connect with users. 2015-08-25 13-15-53

This site may seem like another online community that can get lost in the shuffle. I asked Klinkk owner to explain why he made the site in the first place.

ErikI created Klinkk in October 2013. My project was building a meeting point for bloggers of different niches.

People are mentioning Klinkk as a new blogging community to join, without me to ask for.

I offer premium services and registration is free if you use your Twitter or Facebook credentials (you need to pay a small fee just if you want to sign up with your email).

Klinkk is different from other online communities because it’s very simple to join, and after you vote a few other stories of other users, you can start right away to submit your own content.

From time to time, I organize contests and giveaways, gamification really works!Erik Emanuelli, Founder of Klinkk

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Aside from the ease of registering in the site, Klinkk hosts active groups with lots of membes. 2015-08-25 13-39-57

Searching for your niche will show relevant groups you can join. Once accepted into the group, you can share our posts and engage with like-minded people.

AmplifyBlog 2015-08-25 13-41-37

This site is a brand-new project by GuestCrew founder Uttoran Sen.

It shares the same look as BlogEngage but expect it to go into another redesign phase soon.

Given that Amplify Blog is a new site, it is something that you should use right now. By submitting your posts and being active in the site, you can build your influence early. Once the site gains traction, there will be a greater chance for your posts to appear on the front page.


Rounding up this list is an article directory site. InfoBarrel is a place where people can write, publish, and earn from their content. 2015-08-25 13-54-23

The business model is unlike that of an online community site. But one of the users of InfoBarrel sheds lights on how it works as a community in the loosest sense.

e6xbRlBwI started online at – It’s still around. A writers’ site where writers get 70% of the Adsense clicks + Amazon on their articles. This was where I started to write and found the community spirit there to be incredible. The attitude was (and still is) that by helping others we help the site and thereby help ourselves. It was not cliquey or nasty in any way at all and was supportive of all new members who joined with a giving attitude.

Personally I never made much money there, but I did learn, build a reputation and made contacts. Some of those contacts gave me a LOT of work ($100K over 2 years). I still count some of them as friends even though it is 2 years since I was a regular forum userPhil Turner, Understand Your Relationship

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What sets InfoBarrel apart from just being a “content farm” are the ongoing contests. 2015-08-25 14-05-48

They encourage users to write content on the site and get rewarded for their efforts. The top three users with the most points receive InfoBarrel Ads credits. Other participants can still get benefits based on their performace.


The sites above should help your blog make more impact with your target audience. But keep in mind the purpose of online communities: to bridge the cap between bloggers.

It is enticing to just share your content on these sites. But is it just as important to vote up and comment on the posts of others. You should also send messages to the users if you want to build relationships with them.

What are other best online communities that I missed in this post? Share them to our readers by commenting below!