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5 Best SEO Blogs Jampacked with Actionable Tips

SEO is easy to understand on a cognitive level. However, if you want to use search engine optimization as part of your marketing strategy, then you need to learn from the best resources out there.

Far too many resources out there claim to have the silver bullet when it comes to ranking on top of organic search. But only few deliver the goods to their readers.

Below are arguably the best SEO blogs you’ll need to help you grow your organic traffic.



Brian Dean is a ubiquitous name in SEO. He came into prominence after coining the Skyscraper Technique in 2014. Since then, he has been delivering top-notch content on his highly acclaimed blog Backlinko.

One of the hallmarks of Backlinko is the easy-to-read blog posts that help break down the different components of search engine. Brian has his way of communicating his ideas and strategies that non-SEOs can easily pick up. In fact, his post about copywriting SEO tactics goes to show that he practices what he preaches.

Another great thing about Backlinko is Brian puts his tactics and techniques to test on actual websites. The results are real-life case studies that readers can replicate and follow on their websites to achieve the same results!

Robbie Richards

robbie richards

Robbie Richards is a digital strategist working for Fortune 500 companies. His vast knowledge in different digital marketing channels, especially SEO, gives him insights and ideas that only a handful in the industry.

Thankfully, he shares most of them in his highly acclaimed blog.

Like Backlinko, Robbie Richard goes above by beyond by sharing regular SEO case studies that features winning strategies he uses on his clients. From here, you can choose to follow his advice to a tee to achieve the same level of success on your SEO campaigns.

Another cool thing about Robbie Richards is he shares his exclusive automated worksheets in his blog posts for free. These cut down research time so you can focus on producing results for your websites.

SEO Sandwitch Blog

seo sandwitch

SEO Sandwitch is the brainchild of Joydeep Bhattacharya, a 9-year SEO veteran willing to share his tips and advice on how to leverage SEO to your site’s advantage.

Most of the content he publishes in his blog are in-depth, comprehensive guides about specific SEO tasks.  Joydeep also branches out to different verticals like email marketing, content marketing, and social media, the three of which complement your SEO efforts to a tee.

Authority Hacker

authority hacker

If you want your website to be considered as an authority in your industry and niche, then Authority Hacker is the best place to learn how to do it.

Co-founded by Gael Breton and Mark Webster, Author Hacker is the home of the Authority System. It is their premium course where they teach people how to make money from their websites and grow their authority in the process.

While the course is paid, Authority Hacker houses free useful content in their blog section. They usually tackle all promotional channels equally, but their posts about SEO are a goldmine of information.

Unlike the previous blogs, Authority Hacker is composed of different writers who conduct their own tests and write them down into blog posts. The articles are effectively case studies backed with data and research so readers have basis for the results.


ahrefs blog

Unlike you’re living under a rock, you should know that Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools in the market. It has a massive database of pages, backlinks, and keywords to help you obtain information about topics and your competitors that you won’t see using other tools.

Therefore, it follows that its blog is also one of the best SEO blogs out there.

The advantage of this blog over the rest is it leverages the power of Ahrefs to help unearth data and information about a topic. The authors also use the tool to execute advanced SEO tactics that other tools simply can’t do.

If you think about it, the blog works as an upsell to encourage you to subscribe to an Ahrefs plan!

Bonus: Craig Campbell

best seo tools - craig campbell

Craign Campbell is an SEO expert based in Glasgow. He is also a conference speaker and has launched SEO courses to educate SEO on all levels.

His blog is a testament of the things he has achieved as an SEO professional for 18 years. He breaks things down in the simplest way possible and avoids jargon so more readers can understand what he’s talking about.

However, arguably the crowning jewel of his website is the podcast section where he talks to some of the best and brightest SEO practitioners all over the world. Each episodes run up to an hour with detailed discussions about the best tactics and strategies for growing and ranking a website.


The best SEO blogs featured above should help you learn SEO in its entirety. It’s best to choose among the blogs which ones to read first and test out the tips they share on their posts.

Also, to help level up your SEO knowledge, sign up to the courses and programs they’re offering. You will have to pay to join them, but it’s the best way to fast-track your SEO career and generate more traffic to your and clients’ site.

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