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7 Best Travel Blogging YouTube Channels

As this article focuses on the best travel blogging YouTube channels, we must also acknowledge how COVID-19 has impacted travel enthusiasts as a whole…

This post is meant to encourage travel bloggers to take their game to the next level, but to also do it responsibly. So, before we begin, here are some quick tips and strategies to travel safely while protecting those around you:

Interaction outdoors vs. indoors: As HealthMatters points out, “most transmission of respiratory viruses happens indoors, so avoid activities like eating inside a restaurant…” In addition, keep your interactions to a minimum and focus more on capturing the environment as opposed to being close to other people.

Leverage low-risk places if possible: You’re probably eager to travel to busy and populated areas, but try to opt for relatively “low-risk” places until further notice. This resource highlights high/low-risk areas around the world. Note: Most of the world is shown as high-risk as of this writing, but check back periodically for changes.

Never let your guard down: It’s easy to ignore a mask around friends and family, but you just never know whether loved ones have been exposed to the virus (even if they assure you that they’re safe). Likewise, stay protected even in relatively empty areas. Coming into contact with a fellow human being always happens in a split second.

Carry more than enough supplies: The less you have to go back to the store for supplies, the better.

Alright, travel bloggers, let’s check out some of the very best YouTube channels to help elevate your blogging efforts responsibly!

Lost LeBlanc

Lost LeBlanc ended up quitting his daytime job to pursue his true passion: travel and filmmaking. His channel tends to explore a lot of places that are generally not recommended (due to perceived bad reputation or other reasons). He then gives you an honest opinion on the matter.

When not publishing traditional travel videos, he does the occasional camera recommendation and review for fellow travel lovers.

Travel bloggers: Is your dream to quit your regular job and do what Lost LeBlanc does? If so, subscribe to his channel and start taking notes!

For further reference, don’t miss our tips on running a blog while traveling the world.

Sailing La Vagabonde

travel youtube channels

Have you ever seen anyone living on water 99% of the time? Well, this is what this risky couple is doing, and they’re loving every minute of it. In fact, they have even been featured on various TV news segments, which goes to show just how much attention they’re drawing.

The channel is fairly unique as they travel everywhere by water, unless the place is absolutely unreachable.

Travel bloggers: This channel took a competitive concept (travel blogging) and put their own spin on it. While you don’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel, inserting your own twist is always welcome.


This is a YouTube channel with an edge. Rather than only posting friendly, heartwarming content, these guys often visit extreme places in their travels.

For example, they have a passion for visiting alleged haunted places and other sites that make some people feel uneasy. Thankfully they also dedicate their time to more lively landmarks and enjoy interacting with the locals when appropriate.

Travel bloggers: Don’t be afraid to try new experiences, even controversial ones on occasion. Your travel blog should cover all walks of life to ensure your audience is well aware of everything the world has to offer.


All YouTube channels on this list deliver great quality, but Xpedia truly is exceptional when it comes to presentation. This is due to Xpedia being a company with a large budget, which translates to amazing videos for travel bloggers to learn from.

Perhaps their most memorable videos are their short travel guides. They show you everything in detail as opposed to simply giving it a mention, and occasionally publish more in-depth versions of said videos.

Travel bloggers: Xpedia may give you the impression of lacking a “personal touch” because their videos don’t always show a human face on camera, in addition to being carefully scripted / narrated. However, don’t let this fool you; even these videos lead to high engagement. Their overall usefulness is what matters.

Erik Conover

Erik covers the luxurious side of New York City, exploring every mansion and other expensive areas around The Big Apple. He occasionally ventures into other states as well, especially California – but NYC is where Erik’s heart truly lies.

The channel also focuses on healthy living and staying fit, which is an important subject as many travel vloggers veer off track due to travel-related stress.

Travel bloggers: Are you looking to stay niche and only cover the area where you live? If so, go all out like Eric does! Make arrangements to explore curious and luxurious areas, talk to local business owners about their craft and keep people well informed like no other niche blogger does.


From California to Costa Rica, Louis Cole seems to have seen it and done it all. This lighthearted vlogger explores typical places and many little known spots around the world, all while giving you an honest opinion on whether or not you should visit. This is the kind of honesty every travel blogger should adapt.

Louis also does the occasional product review, which goes hand in hand with most bloggers in the travel niche.

Travel bloggers: While Louis’ YouTube channel packs a lot of content, he seems to struggle with consistency as of this writing. Fellow bloggers, I suggest you work only as much as your time realistically allows and don’t be ashamed of taking small breaks. Consistency matters, so it’s important to set realistic expectations.

Kombi Life

best travel vloggers

You know what’s great about Kombi Life? It’s the fact that they don’t sugarcoat anything. Contrary to popular belief, travel life is not all fun and games and beautiful beaches.

These guys explore “van life” through all kinds of terrain and weather conditions, all while dealing with the hardships that very few vloggers expose on camera.

Kombi Life reminds us that travel blogging can be a hassle, it can be expensive, your vehicle will break down on more than one occasion, and you might occasionally lose some items along the way.

Travel bloggers: Despite the hardships, Kombi Life also teaches you that no pain equals no gain. They learn how to manage life itself as they travel the entire world one day at a time. If you truly want to succeed with your travel blog, be ready to deal not just with the good, but also with the bad and the ugly.


There are countless YouTube channels for travel bloggers, but the above seven highlight some of the very best out there (showing you the good and bad side from every conceivable angle).

To conclude, I personally suggest that you maintain a YouTube channel in addition to your traditional travel blog. Considering the travel industry is so visually appealing, this will help you reach a wider audience and greatly increase overall engagement in the long run.