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10 Best WordPress YouTube Channels

Do you ever wish to learn more about blogging but don’t always enjoy reading traditional articles? Today’s article will focus specifically on the best WordPress YouTube channels out there.

I believe it’s good to learn from a mixture of written and visual content, as the latter can help you understand more technical steps that would be harder to follow otherwise.

The following is a compilation of YouTube channels that focus exclusively (or largely) on WordPress and related blogging tutorials. While not all of them are limited to WordPress itself, you can still apply their tutorials to help improve your WP blog and learn more about the craft.

Darrel Wilson

best wordpress youtube channels

Darrel Wilson focuses not only on typical WP tutorials, but also on innovative ways to make money blogging. This really combines the best of both worlds, as most WordPress bloggers aim to make their website profitable as soon as possible as opposed to only worrying about technical features.

For instance, Darrel posted a video on ways to make recurring revenue from your blog which highlights some pretty interesting ways to create passive income. This, combined with his technical yet-friendly tutorials, means that this channel is highly recommended for WordPress bloggers of all levels.


blogging youtube channels

As the channel slogan says, WPCrafter is dedicated specifically to non-techies. With well over 190 thousand subscribers, this WordPress YouTube channel covers a wide range of topics such as:

  • Analytics implementation
  • Theme reviews
  • Website builders
  • Email / Web hosting
  • Different website businesses (memberships, classified WP themes, and so on)

The channel also hosts occasional live streaming sessions to discuss urgent WordPress matters, to show off live tutorials in more detail, answer viewer questions, and more.

All in all, you should undoubtedly subscribe to WPCrafter if you’re an avid WordPress enthusiast who likes to experiment with different ideas and techniques for your blog.


coding youtube channels

WPBeginner has been around for a number of years now, pumping out quality content on their website as well as their YouTube channel. The latter is particularly interesting, as you get to learn everything from a visual standpoint to avoid potential confusion.

If you look closely, each video is fairly to the point and the author doesn’t pad it with filler content for the sake of ad revenue. Things are generally explained in a step-by-step format in a clear voice without unnecessary background noise, which is ideal for both beginners and intermediate users alike.

While WPBeginner relies a bit much on plugins, they’re still top notch and incredibly helpful nevertheless.

Web Design Life

Web Design Life is rather small, with fewer than one thousand subscribers as of this writing (year 2020). But don’t let this fool you, because this channel is much better than many established resources I have personally seen.

For example, they had previously published a YouTube video on creating a fitness website using WordPress and Elementor (a powerful page builder)…

Instead of creating a quick, five-minute video riddled with affiliate links, the presenter went through an astounding one-hour session explaining every little detail and leaving no stone unturned.

If this is the kind of quality we get from a new, small channel, then I can’t wait to see what else they have planned in the future. Highly recommended.


While WebYoda lacks a substantial amount of videos, most of them are pretty on point for both new and veteran bloggers. Typical topics range from finding free images online to increasing website speeds to creating that perfect logo.

Oh, and don’t mind the occasional unrelated video, as the channel has deviated once or twice for unknown reasons.

Other than that, I personally appreciate the host’s long, highly detailed tutorials as she walks you through some *very* technical things in a friendly, understandable way. Whether watching 2-hour-long videos is highly debatable, at least this helps ensure that everything you need to learn is thoroughly covered.

Living With Pixels

This WordPress YouTube source has gained over 50,000 subscribers in just one year, and I can certainly see why.

Much of the host’s focus lies in Elementor, a reliable WordPress website builder used by countless WP enthusiasts. This goes to show that picking a narrow niche can really help a channel grow, as there are tons of users looking to learn more about this powerful tool.

When not focusing on Elementor, the channel also discusses more traditional WordPress tutorials such as recommended plugins and themes for various niches.

Honorable Mentions

Let’s quickly go over some other recommended channels, as these cover much of the same WordPress topics as the ones mentioned above (with relatively minor exceptions).

Sofia Web (Spanish): The good news is that Sofia Web is an excellent teacher and puts many competitive YouTube channels to shame. However, her channel is strictly in Spanish (bad news for non-Spanish speakers).

Thankfully, Sofia’s videos are so easy to follow that you’ll be able to understand many of her tutorials purely through visual means. This is the definition of YouTube videos done right.

Keegan Lanier Media: Keegan Lanier focuses largely on Divi (a theme / page builder) along with WordPress for business-focused users.

This channel is not updated frequently enough, hence the reason it’s only an honorable mention. Nevertheless, Keegan’s tutorials are all pretty interesting as he really goes into detail with undisputed passion.

Tyler Moore: Tyler Moore is full of potential, having taught over 370 thousand subscribers all about WordPress and website maintenance in general.

Sadly, the channel seems to have dwindled in recent times, with only a handful of new videos posted over the past two years. Nevertheless, Tyler Moore has an impressive backlog which you can certainly inspect and learn from to this day.

Create a Pro Website: This channel is quite similar to Darrel Wilson’s YouTube channel, as it covers certain ways to make money while also focusing on technical tutorials. While not everything is WP-related, it’s still worth mentioning since you can apply most tutorials to your blog one way or another.


Well, there you have it. Inspecting the aforementioned channels helped me realize the insane amount of things that I have yet to learn about WordPress. Can you imagine what kind of things are waiting just around the corner for you?

Pick from several (or all) of the above channels while simultaneously reading the latest BloggingPro articles to skyrocket your blogging journey.