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7 Best YouTube Fitness Channels Bloggers Can Learn From

Today we’ll explore the best YouTube fitness channels bloggers can learn from. While there are plenty of informative fitness and general wellness blogs, the problem with this niche is being able to stand out.

Not to mention you’re also competing with professional sources that are fully backed by healthcare corporations (which typically rank well on Google).

For this reason, you need as much variety – in addition to top-notch content – as possible.

I have noticed that YouTube has become an essential source to gather data and ideas that isn’t always available on traditional blogs – or at least it’s harder to find. So, why not rely on YouTube weight loss channels to aid in your research and keep your blog updated more easily?

Here are several reasons to perform much of your research on YouTube as a weight loss blogger:

  • These YouTube channels are highly inspirational. They may drive you to start your own channel to complement your fitness/weightloss blog
  • Each YouTuber has a unique story to tell and provides different techniques
  • YouTube channels are great for visual learners, which may better help you process certain details for your blog

For this list, I compiled only 7 YouTube channels as I feel they cover everything from practical weight loss advice to muscle building in fun, approachable ways. You know, quality over quantity.

Let’s get started.

Gravity Training Zone

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Gravity Training Zone blends weight loss with muscle building and toning. What I enjoy is their ability to make their content easily digestible, even when explaining scientific terminology to the viewers.

Speaking of which, their videos are usually backed by verifiable facts and statistics, which makes them stand out from the average blogger and YouTuber in this niche.

For bloggers: There’s a lot to learn from this YouTube channel as a blogger. Are your articles easy to understand? Also, don’t hold back on writing complex information for fear of scaring away your readers. This YouTube channel uses animations and illustrations to help readers understand exactly which body part they’re referring to. Adapt similar features if you must.

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The Bodybuilding YouTube channel focuses on all things fitness, with an obvious emphasis on building muscle. Needless to say, this source is a goldmine for those looking to learn about weight loss along with proper nutrition and toning your body in the process.

The channel occasionally does a session called The Spark, in which former overweight people talk about their past struggles and subsequent transformation.

For bloggers: Learn from The Spark and from the channel’s overall structure. Implement a similar feature on your blog by making it more community-based as opposed to limiting your blog to traditional “how-to” articles. Ask readers questions and incorporate their stories into your latest blog posts.

Lose it Like Lauren

Although not as popular as other YouTube channels, this is one of the more relatable ones in this entire list.

Lose it With Lauren has been around for over a decade. She has helped viewers learn practical weight loss tips while also incorporating non-related topics. Lauren occasionally talks about dating, friendships, dealing with life struggles, and everything else the average person has to deal with.

For bloggers: Is your fitness or weight loss blog truly relatable as a whole? Don’t be afraid to embrace topics unrelated to your niche as long as they’re a natural fit for your audience. Lauren also doesn’t bother to post multiple times per week, which goes to show you can still grow a loyal audience if your content is evergreen and actionable in nature.

Danny Gets Fit (Fatloss & Family)

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The average weight loss channel is represented by people who are at their absolute prime. Danny, however, is the real deal in the sense that “what you see is what you get.”

At the time of this writing, Danny is simply a guy who wants to maintain a decent physique and live comfortably (as opposed to getting ripped). He has also been transparent about his failures, which is something we can all relate to.

For bloggers: Ensure your weight loss and fitness blog doesn’t paint a false image of yourself. Danny lacks professional recording equipment and hardly ever scripts his videos. As a blogger, aim to write from the heart and lay out the facts in a simple, straightforward manner.

Versatile Vicky

This gal is the queen of sustainable weight loss. She largely focuses on healthy meals that are fun to prepare and delicious to consume.

Vicky covers everything from preparing healthy rice, smoothies, chicken, and everything that’s supposed to be “kind of bad” for weight loss. So, what’s not to like?

For bloggers: Do you wish to spice up your blog with more delicious meals as opposed to general weight loss and fitness tips? Then this is the place to get started for inspiration.

Fitness Blender

The beauty about Fitness Blender is their ability to give you an intense workout in just five minutes. While they certainly have longer videos as well, these guys have shown that you don’t need a long, drawn-out session to accomplish great results.

For bloggers: Studies have shown that long-form content ranks better and is generally shared more. That said, you should also embrace shorter content that gets straight to the point whenever possible. Experiment with various lengths and see how your audience reacts by analyzing your blog’s respective analytics tool.

The Fitness Marshall

Let’s deviate from general advice-based channels and focus on dancing! Caleb Marshall will probably make you dance even if you’re pretty bad at it. His contagious style makes it easy for people to pick up his every move as he ensures each dance routine is relatively slow and/or simple to understand.

For bloggers: Most of Caleb’s dance videos are humorous and are also accompanied by people of all shapes and sizes. When it comes to your blog, humor is a surefire way to put people at ease and make them feel less self-conscious. If you ever interview others, it’s also not a bad idea to bring in people from all walks of life.

Ready? Don’t Sweat it…

Subscribe to each and all of these not only to strengthen your blog, but also to help it stand out from the crowd in this undoubtedly saturated niche.