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Blog Architecture is Wrong

I shrunk down the title from Chris Pearson’s post entitled “Why Everything You Think You Know About Blog Architecture is Wrong“, where he discusses why current blog structure from an Information Architecture perspective is wrong, and how showing the newest items first is not always the best way to present your content.

For starters, those who’ve just come to your site via a feed reader have already seen the latest entries that your site has to offer. If you’re the least bit concerned about retaining that person who has just arrived at your site, then, do you really think it’s in your best interest to present them with an identical list of reverse-chronological content once they’ve arrived at your site?
Thanks to RSS, the default method of content presentation on blogs has become, in my opinion, unnecessarily redundant.

What an interesting thought. If your blog gets most of its traffic from various feed readers, you might want to switch things up on your index page. Feature your best articles more, as they have probably already seen your newest material.