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4 Easy Ways Your Blog is Your Best Salesperson

You’ve got a really great salesperson in your organization that you may be overlooking or ignoring. This salesperson will never take a sick day, ask for a raise, or leave you to go to one of your competitors. How great is that?

It’s your blog.

Think about it for a minute. What does a really great salesperson do for an organization? They know the customer. They’re able to remember lots of personal things about each customer. They know the brand inside out. They always ask the right questions and never forget to cover all the bases. And they always, without fail, follow up. They constantly learn from each new experience, thus improving their sales technique. Isn’t that exactly what an efficient well-designed blog does? Here are the 4 simple ways your blog should be selling for you:

Prospect Knowledge

Your blog is specifically designed to capture a prospect’s information. The more the prospect interacts with your blog the more information it will extract from them, until the site has a pretty clear indication of the prospect’s demographics, spending habits, hobbies, likes, dislikes, contact information, etc. Now isn’t that exactly what a good salesperson is supposed to do? Information is power, and it is also the basis for all customer conversion. Your blog can gather information and apply it much more accurately than any human salesperson. Typically, Google Analytics is where you will be able to analyze this data and see what demographics and behaviors you’re working with. Below is an example of an Analytics dashboard that shows some of this information, but of course Analytics can go much deeper than that. Learn more here.


Knows the Brand, and Knows the Competition

How often has one of your salespersons been thrown for a loop because he or she did not know all the specifics of the product they were selling, or were brought up short when the prospective customer told them something about a competing brand that made a definite sale much more of a challenge? It happens all the time with human beings because memory is not perfect and knowledge is not absolute. Except with a computer. As long as your blog is constantly updated with all the information there is about your product, and about your competitors, it can handle every question and challenge from a prospect in a New York minute.

I recommend not only having a sales page to sell your product, but actually creating Buyer’s Guides (a different kind of blog). This will allow you to get more detailed into the product, so whether you’re a salesperson or not you’ll have a resource when you need it. does a great job of this (see their Table of Contents below).


Educates the Prospect

Nobody cares for a pushy salesperson or for a hard sell. Consumers appreciate it when they are educated about the benefits of a product, and given encouragement to try it through the use of discounts and other marketing measures. A blog is the ideal place for a prospect to research your brand without feeling any undue pressure to buy right away. They can look at pricing, specifications, guarantees, and a whole lot more, without feeling pinned down by a salesperson in their office or home taking up their time. They can look your brand over at their convenience, at their own pace. And statistics show that consumers love that kind of salesmanship. The more someone can learn, the more likely they are to make a move in the future, so it’s important they have that opportunity.

Makes the Sale Easy and Convenient and Gives Good Follow Up

Once the consumer decides he or she wants to purchase your brand or product, they are still not fully committed to the sale. The least little inconvenience or hindrance or brand new doubt can kill the sale instantly, never to be revived again. If your blog is set up so that ordering and payment can be done easily and conveniently, moving the prospect along at a comfortable pace to the moment where they click on the “Purchase Item” button, you will see your sales going up. By the same token, once your blog is programmed to follow up on every purchaser within a specified time frame, you won’t have to worry about this important keystone for future sales being forgotten or postponed by human error. Workshops for Warriors, a nonprofit that isn’t selling but rather asking for donations (it’s the same concept!), does this well by adding a donate feature next to every blog post. Some may find it distracting, but when you realize you don’t have to take action and it is a part of the blog it makes it more approachable:


Is there anything you would add to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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