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Blog Content Theft: Applaud Those that Warn You

Lorelle posts one of the longest posts I have ever seen on blog content theft on her site. Let’s just say, the whole topic seems to have got her a little angry, and understandably so, as we try to make our mark, content scrapers that are just trying to make a quick buck off other people’s work, only reduces the amount we make off our own work, and why should I line someone else’s pockets?
Here is a snippet from Lorelle’s post:

I’ve seen a huge jump in the number of bloggers stunned that they, little blogs on the blogosphere map, are having their content stolen and abused through their feeds. Over and over they say the same thing: “I thought only the top bloggers got their content stolen.”
The joke about size doesn’t matter applies to blogs. Some splog scrapers don’t care about who you are, what you blog about, or how “big” your blog is. They grab what they can, when they can. And they republish it as theirs or as if they have your permission to republish. They are using and abusing your hard work and making money on it.
They are winning the battle because you don’t care enough about your blog and your writing to check regularly to see if your blog content is stolen. And when you find your blog’s content has been stolen or your copyright abused, they expect you won’t do anything about it.

It is quite a read, and a shocking reminder for people to really check their stats from time to time, look for places where your content could be stolen, and really keep a watchful eye that your hard work is not lining another person’s wallet with money. Copyscape is one of my favorite resources to use to check to see where my content is.