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Blog Design Ideas You Need to Rock in 2019

To celebrate the coming of 2019, some bloggers may need to revamp their blog design.

That’s because 75% of website credibility judgments use design as the basis.

Problem is, blog design isn’t their forte.

In the world of blog design, they don’t know much about the current trends and latest developments. Not to mention, inexperienced.

If you’re one of these bloggers, doomsday is about to come for you.

Or not.

If you’re determined to find a solution, you’ll be fine. And if you’re willing to redeem yourself, you should have nothing to worry about.

Remember that redesigning your blog shouldn’t be difficult. Making a couple of simple tweaks is all you need to do for it to look fresh in 2019.

In this post, you will learn some blog design ideas you can use out of the box. They will spice up your blog, so it stands out in the coming year.

1. Rethink your logo

“Does your logo describe what your blog is about?”

“Is your logo recognizable enough for your audience?”

If you answered NO to both questions, then you need to revise your current logo.

Go with the one that your audience resonates with. Let it tell a story. And make it stand out.

Take the Starbucks logo, for instance.

People like it because the nautical-themed Siren gives off a warm and fuzzy feeling. And while doing so, she signifies coffee’s maritime history.

Plus, it’s eye-catching and professional. And it’s the focus of more than 10,000 image uploads on Instagram every day!

Therefore, create a logo like that.

If you need help, turn to tools that can make the logo design process effortless.

Use something like Renderforest logo maker. It’s a free logo maker that uses AI to create impressive logos according to your needs.

2. Ditch the sidebar

This is one of those blog design ideas that reduce bounce rate with ease!

Your website can be (at least) twice as useful without anything on the side.

Let’s talk disadvantages:

  • Not optimized for mobile use. A sidebar messes up your site design when visitors access it via mobile devices. You need to get rid of it if you want to accommodate all your visitors.

And you need to do it fast because the number of mobile users around the world is increasing. In 2019, the number may reach 4.68 billion.

  • Adds a clutter of information. Trashing your sidebar is a way to prevent duplicate content. It doesn’t matter if your sidebar contains valuable information. That value may already be somewhere else on your site.
  • Makes for unappealing user experience. A sidebar distracts your visitors when they’re trying to access what they came for in your site.

Sure, back as early as the 1990s, sidebars were a thing. But we’re about to hit 2019, which means it’s time to accept the fact that their time is up.

On the flip side, you can’t say all sidebars are plain useless.

Some sidebars like Fox’s and most news sites are rather useless, yes. It’s as if their purpose is nothing but to confuse you with an overload of off-topic information.

The rest, though, are useful and come with a purpose.

For example, see how Google Drive uses its sidebar. It works as a navigational menu.

So, do you ditch your sidebar or not?

Well, it depends on what your site needs.

In most cases, ditching it is the right call.

But if you’re 100% certain your site needs it, then keep it. To let it work its magic, check out this post: Top 25 WordPress Plugins for Sidebars and Widgets.

3. Practice the “Golden Ratio”

The Golden Ratio Typography refers to the mathematical symphony in a blog’s design. It acknowledges that a blog’s font size, font, line height, and content width are essential.

In layman’s terms, you need to choose the right font size and font. Your job is to use them to make your readers more comfortable.

It’s because these elements can affect every visitor – albeit in a subconscious manner. And his response to the effect is pre-programmed.

This means, once the symphony catches on to your visitors, you’re helpless. You can’t do anything by then.

But what you can do is be a step ahead. And redesign your blog according to the golden ratio.

Take it from Deepak Kanakaraju who benefited with an increased readership by 45.72% because of it. That’s according to Google Analytics.

You see, the digital marketer’s story started when he didn’t give importance to typography. Back then, his visitors would only spend 1:19 (on average) on his blog.

So he decided to redesign his blog. His design, of course, followed the golden ratio.

And after 30 days, he received some good news.

Visitors then began spending 1:55 on their blog!

He also got a readership increase of almost half its original size and a reduced bounce rate of 3.67%!

Cool, huh?

So go ahead and follow his lead.

There’s a tool such as the GRT (Golden Ratio Typography) Calculator that can help you out. It optimizes your blog according to the perfect typography for it!


Redesigning your blog from time to time is one of the best ways to attract visitors.

Of course, its content is more valuable. But try to think of your blog’s design as a portal to something promising. If people like what they see, they will want to move forward so they can discover what else is out there.So make your design pleasant. And leave your audience no choice but to like it!

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