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Blog Flux Forum for Bloggers Launched

Recently, we have added a forum to our ranks to give bloggers a platform where they could all meet, discuss things, and learn from each other. This is just one of the many services that Blog Flux has focused on for bloggers.
I am hoping that this will become a community for those reading Blogging Pro as well, so we can communicate more thoroughly. I enjoy the e-mails I get from people, as well as the comments, but it isn’t as much of a back and forth conversation as it could be. With the Blog Flux forum, you can get help with WordPress, support for the many themes we hope to release, as well as conversations about advertising, and finding bloggers that are local to you.
Check out the Blog Flux Forums if you have a free second and join the more than 72,000 other members in making it a pillar of the blogging community.