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Blog Growth Peaking?

Over on BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting has posted some interesting details, it seems like the growth of new active blogs has slowed over the last few months, and they are going as far as to say that we are peaking, at least in the English speaking world.

Here’s his answer: “The number of new posts per day that Technorati is tracking is indeed increasing, from about 1.3 million posts per day to about 1.5 million postings per day.”
However, there has been slight decrease in the number of English-language posts.
The number of daily English language posts dropped to 495,000 in March from 507,000 in October.
In other words, in October 2006, 39% of blog posts were in English. In March 2007, only 33% were in in English.
In his email Sifry says “My conclusion is that we’re still seeing growth in the blogosphere, but that the growth is slowing.”

Check out the full post, and let me know what you think this means for the blogosphere in general.