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Blog Herald Gets New Look

The Blog Herald, one of the sites I used to frequent quite often, has got a new, more spiffy look. Their old look had an almost Kubrick style to it, and the new one looks much more like a newspaper. I think it is a little too white for me, but we will have to wait and see how it progresses.

As you can see, our new design by Chris Pearson is in the process of being implemented.
You’ll see a few changes over the next several hours as Chris tweaks a few things around and we settle the design down into its new home.
In the meantime, enjoy the chaos.
Update: 10:18pm CST And no, not all of that whitespace is remaining. We have some other blocks to add and move around before things are finalized. And we’ll likely tweak a few things here and there in the days to come…

Chris Pearson is the one who recently posted about how much it costs to have him work on a blog design for a site. I wonder if, the people that run Blog Herald now, paid him his $3000 USD for a “pimped out blog”?