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Blog Network Meetup at SXSW

It looks like b5media is organizing a little impromptu get together for blog networks. Jeremy Wright posts this on his blog:

Anyways, there’s some decent discussion happening around the blogging world about how blog networks should pay bloggers. Some good discussion. Hell, it’s great discussion. Stirring up good ideas, which is great for network owners as well as bloggers. All good stuff.
In order to further this, we’ll be doing a blog network get-together at South By Southwest (SXSW: in a few weeks. Some of the b5 crew’ll be there for the Interactive portion (ie: 9-13th). So we’re inviting anyone interested in doing some more brainstorming to join us. I know the 451press guys are coming. I’m hoping some of the 9rules crew will come as well. If you’re a network owner, blogger or just feel you have something valuable to add, you’re invited. We’ll likely do it on the 11th, as that’ll give us some time to scope out a spot. Probably around 7:00pm.

I think this is a great move, and I hope it breeds some communication between the varying networks, as well as some ideas. A brilliant move all around, and I wish someone from Bloggy Network was going to be there. I am still recovering from my last jaunt, but I look forward to hearing all about how it goes.