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Blog Owner Help: Writer Stats Tracking Idea

So I was talking to a friend of mine, and he wanted to start offering performance based incentives for his writers, but instead of offering them at a per author level, he wanted to offer them incentives as a group, which made good sense to me.
His concern, though, was his own posts and how they would effect stats. He wanted to make sure that he was basing his incentives on the traffic received to the entire site, except people going to articles written by him, the administrator.
He asked how he could track such a thing easily while still getting lots of detail like he was used to in Performancing Metrics. There is a really easy way to do this. First, add a second site on Performancing Metrics that will be used to track everything but your own posts.
Then in the footer, next to your other Performancing Metrics javascript call, add the following code:

< ?php if(!is_author('admin') { ?> place Pmetrics JavaScript Here < ?php } ?>

This way it will check to see which author it is, and if it is anyone other than the administrator, it will show the Pmetrics JavaScript and track actions on that page. This is great because it should not only discount traffic to single posts made by the admin, but also any traffic going to pages created by the admin.
Thus, the traffic you see under the new account in Pmetrics should be everything, except the traffic to your own posts if you are the Admin. So next time you write a post that gets on Digg, it won’t count towards your writers statistics, messing up your bonus incentive system.