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Blog Review Checklist

Liz Strauss over at the ever popular Successful Blog has brought back one of her most well known posts: the blog review checklist, something that we all should do now that it’s the new year.
A few of the things she lists we all check include:

Audience: What words would your readers use to describe your blog? What do they like best about your site?
Purpose: What is the purpose of your blog? Why does it exist? Is the purpose stated plainly where your readers can see it? How well does your blog meet that purpose?
Content: How well does the content support the purpose? Is the content readable, interesting, accurate, entertaining, and appropriate for your audience?

If you are looking to get your blog to the next level, it is imperative that you go through and look at what you have created so far. Doing this might also help you decide where you are going to direct your blog in the coming year.