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Blogathon Tips and Help

Lorelle lays out some tips and tricks to help those signed up for this years (and really any years) Blogathon.

It is also exhausting, frustrating, and a bit overwhelming. Having done similar things in the past, here are a few tips and resources to help you get through the long haul.
1. The only competition is with yourself, not others.
2. While you have to blog “non-stop”, you don’t have to post great doctoral dissertations. Think short and sweet.
6. Prepare an outline of topics to blog about in advance. Make it more than a list but a sentence or two or combinations of keywords to trigger your brain even during the latest, tiredest hous.
7. Write about something you are passionate about.
9. Monitor feeds related to your blogging topic for new information and ideas.

There are many other great tips, so check out Lorelle’s full article “Blogathon Tips and Help“.