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Blogger Adds Auto Saving

Another popular blogging service has added a feature that WordPress has had for a while: auto saving of drafts.
Here are some details from Blogger’s Blog:

Today we’re adding autosaving of draft posts to the Blogger post editor. Now you don’t have to feel so bad about browser crashes, random laptop restarts, or that hamster vs. gerbil war going on behind your desk that keeps knocking your power cord out of the socket, because Blogger is automatically saving as you type! It’s doing it to me right now. Even if I…
Whoops! I just pretended that my browser crashed for the purpose of illustrating that the above paragraph is still intact, thanks to autosave! So say “goodbye” to lost blog posts. You won’t miss them.

I am happy to see more blogging tools use such features, as I am forever crashing Firefox on both my laptop and desktop. Interesting though that I haven’t heard of any new features being added lately to a hosted tool that WordPress doesn’t already have.