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Blogger Appreciation Contest: Free Cell Phone

Bloggers have been hit pretty hard by the current economy, but Cell Phones (.org) has gone ahead and created a contest specifically for us, the hard working blogger.
1. 1st Prize: 1 year of your cell phone bill on us (Cell Phones . Org) – up to $1000
2. 2nd Prize: Free cell phone of your choosing (does not include plan, just the phone).
3. 3rd Prize: $100 off your your next purchase at Cell Phones .org – this is transferable and never expires.
Keeping your cell phone running is an expensive affair, but this contest should make this year easier on you.
You only have three days left to nominate yourself or a blogger you know. Check out the Blogger Appeciation Contest today.
If you live outside of the US, this contest is still open to you as well, so as a Canadian, I am doubly excited, as it is rare that a contest not only is for bloggers, but also open to Canadians like me as well. Good luck to everyone that enters.