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Blogger Branding: Does Freelance Writing Hurt?

Thord brought up an amazing point recently on Wisdump about bloggers doing freelance work, and how that may negatively effect their branding efforts.
Here is a bit from his article:

Does it hurt my personal blogger brand that you can read me on so many places?
What I mean is, can blogging on several blog be a bad for your personal brand as a blogger, since you’re stretching yourself (perhaps thin) over so many blogs and actual blog brands? I don’t know, maybe if you’re all over the place, but not for a handful of blogs.
Mind you, I’m not talking about guest blogging. That’s personal blog brand building and nothing else.

I have often thought about this, as I would have nearly eight thousand posts on my own blogs to build my own brand, had I not been a network paid blogger working on a bunch of blogs that I have no control over. I also agree with him that if there is someone that is a fan of my writing, it can be complicated to keep up with where I am, since I sometimes take on some freelance work, only to leave a few months later to concentrate on my Splashpress work, which changes from day to day, week to week.
I think that writing on numerous blogs can be detrimental, but as Chris Garrett has proven, it can also be very helpful, as everywhere I turn around his name pops up, and it begins to stick with me, especially noting that he is on so many popular blogs. In this case, I think blogging all over has actually helped his brand online.
It is an interesting problem to me because a blogger, especially one making a living from it, is only as good as his or her own branding efforts.