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Blogger for Hire? Specialize in a Niche to Increase Your Blogging Income

Bloggers for hire need to showcase their work in order to prove to potential clients that they are able to do the job. While there are clients who need generalists – those who can write about anything and everything under the sun given enough time and research – there are those who need writers who specialize in a niche.

Your portfolio can be links to your published work for clients. It can also be your own blog, which I believe can provide your client a deeper understanding of you as a writer.

At this point, ask yourself: does your blog fall under the generalist category, or does it focus on a niche?

If your portfolio falls under the former, then I suggest specializing in a niche to increase your blogging income.

Benefits of niche blogging

You can use your blog as a portfolio to charge higher rates.

increase your blogging income


If your primary need is to increase your blogging income from client work, then niche blogging is one of the most effective ways to do this. The following points will delve deeper into the reasons.

You get to share your expertise.

Scenario one: you are already an expert – or at least very knowledgeable – on a subject matter.

If you focus on that topic in your blog, then you get to share what you know best. That will resonate with your readers, and highlight that fact that you know what you are talking about.

You learn as you go along.

Scenario two: you are not sure if you’re that much of an expert. Maybe you know a lot, but maybe you’re not comfortable calling yourself an expert.

This shouldn’t stop you from focusing on a niche. Instead, look at it as a challenge. You already have the foundation. Open yourself up to learning more about the topic. Share your learning experiences with your audience, and you’ll get the added benefit of humanizing your content, which leads to stronger connections with readers.

You establish authority.

Perhaps the most important thing with niche blogging is that, in time, you will establish yourself as an authority in the subject. That is, if you do produce content that proves your knowledge. If you do, then your chances of success grow exponentially – not only because other bloggers will recognize your expertise, but you can also leverage your authority to ask for a higher fee when blogging for a client.

For example, if your blog focuses on alternative medicine and a client approaches you for work on the topic, you can negotiate a higher fee using your blog as your main argument. You are an expert in the field. You are bringing more to the table.

This brings us back to the main point: being a niche expert can increase your blogging income.

How to decide on a niche

Start with what you know best or are passionate about.

Let’s say you’ve been an NBA fan for as long as you remember.  You can rattle off stats, describe every historic game, and provide in-depth analysis of games and player performance. Why not start there? You already know the niche. You’re good to go.

If you’re not that knowledgeable, but you really do breathe and live NBA and just can’t share the facts off the top of your head, it’s not that big of an issue. There is such a thing as research. You do need to add your own input – analysis, opinion, forecast, etc. – and let your passion shine through. This is where you learn as you go along.

Or, if you have a background in relationship counseling or family management, you can look at the relationship blogging niche. The chances are that you know the intricacies of relationship psychology, dealing with family disputes and family lawyers, dishing out relationship advice, and more.

Best Relationship Blogs to Read If You Want to Enter the Niche

Target a particular audience

increase your blogging income

Still not sure what topic to focus on? Here’s a proven way to choose a niche: target a specific audience.

Audiences to consider:

  • Mothers
  • Teenagers
  • Movie/TV geeks
  • Health and fitness enthusiasts
  • Gamers
  • Foodies

Once you’ve zeroed in on the audience you want to target, make a list of umbrella topics you can write to cater to that audience. From there, you can build up your content and gain momentum.

Do keyword research.

Keyword research is essential to getting noticed by search engines and being found by readers. Whether you already know what niche you will enter, or you are still deciding on the topic, keyword research is part of the foundation you will build your blog on.

Not sure how to do keyword research? Here’s a detailed resource on how to do that, complete with examples.