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Blogging as a Job: Convincing Others

Darren Rowse recently wrote a great post which gives you an insight to the history of him becoming a Problogger or as he puts it, a Web Publisher. Darren, like myself, had to convince others that what he was doing was legitimate, but thankfully, again like myself, he was supported in his dreams and goals.

Actually they I’m surprised just how supportive they’ve been overall, but there was a time when I first started to talk about blogging as a potential job, business and career when I’m pretty sure that people thought that I might be having an early midlife crisis.
I totally understand their reaction because when I first began to realize the potential of blogging to become a money maker I had a lot of doubts and uncertainty myself. I almost pushed the ideas from my mind and got ‘real jobs’ on numerous occasions however for some reason I kept on track and managed to convince those around me that what I was doing had potential.

I could pretty much mimic everything he said in his post, and it really brought things home to me that Darren, the Problogger, had to deal with the same worries, problems, and issues as everyone else.
Check out the full post about Blogging as a Job, and make sure you read it to the very end.