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Blogging As Historical Parallel To City Building

David Krug has written a post on blogging and how it relates to city building on his new media blog 901am.

there are many types of cities. And not all are for every type of resident. And then there are those who aren’t even meant to dwell in the cities.

He then goes on to compare how different blogging networks, past and present are much like cities, some overcrowded, and some without any organization.

Blogging is unique because it allows us to build our own cities. And to invite people to dwell among us. Blogging in many aspects is an ancient art returned to a modern era where we occupy virtual spaces of creativity to share amongst each other. Blogging allows anyone to be the master of his own domain. And to have the choice to dwell among a people or to dwell outside the city gates.

An interesting look at the blogosphere. To read more check out 901am.