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Blogging as Open Source Fact Checking

I absolutely love this post by Jeffery Veen on how blogging effects traditional media, using both Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw as examples to talk about.

Someone from the audience asked about how the blogosphere has changed the way the nightly news is considered. Brokaw answered unsurprisingly, saying that he believed people were capable of taking a more active role in discerning the trustworthiness of amateur media. But he also talked about the fear that rippled through his newsroom as his contemporary on CBS News, Dan Rather, was being taken down by a thousand passionate blogging fact-checkers. “It cost him his job — his whole career, really,” Brokaw said.

The conclusion is something I also agree with. Big media outlets should not be trying to make bloggers their adversaries, but instead their friends, their ‘open source fact checkers’ as the article title implies.