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Blogging For Yourself vs. For Others

Darren Rowse, of is away on vacation, and one of his guest contributions, from Deborah Ng, just read my mind and talks about something I am asked constantly, what is it like to blog for others and is it better than blogging for yourself?
I have found that the more I blog for others, the less time and energy I have for blogging for myself.

While it started out as an enjoyable hobby, blogging is now a full time means of earning an income. I generate a fairly decent salary from one of my blogs, but it’s not enough to pay the bills. Thankfully, there are individuals and businesses that are happy to pay me to blog for them. Though I enjoy the creative outlet blogging provides, there’s a big difference between blogging for myself and blogging for others.

She talks about living in the best of both worlds by blogging both for herself and for others, but what I want to highlight is that blogging for yourself can be difficult for some people. If you procrastinate or get easily sidetracked, you might want to blog for someone else. They will give you deadlines, and quotas, which you will have to stick to.
Also, one of the biggest things not focused on is that blogging for yourself means the money is yours, while blogging for others means getting paid a rate, be it hourly, per post, or whatever.
I really enjoy being a full time blogger myself, and while I wish I had more time to blog for myself, I think that blogging for a network like Bloggy Network is really the best way to go.