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Blogging Is About Writing

Lorelle VanFossen has written a huge post over on Darren’s Problogger. It covers the fact that blogging is about writing. Lorelle gives thirty suggestions on how to work your writing to create a better blog.
Things like originality will always win, teach your readers, and write with conviction and passion.
She then goes over each of the thirty points with a bit more detail.

There are two ways to hold your reader’s interest. Show them something they’ve never seen before, or show them something in a way they’ve never seen it before.
Blogging that gets noticed and linked to is all about seeing things in a new light. A university advertising professor once told me there are “no new ideas, only new ways of presenting old ideas”. Present information from a unique perspective and writing with a fresh angle and you will attract attention.

An amazing article, and one worth bookmarking. Each of us that blog should set aside some time each month to go over this list, and refresh our blogging.