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Blogging Setup Important

Lorelle has put up a post on her experience trying to blog away from her normal computer, and how frustrating it can be. When you blog often, you get a routine going. You set up tools, bookmarks, and put things where you want them to be, and to have that changed can almost be devistating. Others look at you like you are crazy.
“You still have a computer to write on, and didn’t I just see you looking through stories?” or “I thought you could do everything online.”
I have had this happen to me many times before I purchased a laptop, and even worse, I have had to blog all day using dial-up in the country, which of course goes one quarter the speed that dial-up should.
Here is a humorous section from Lorelle’s post:

Finally, my nephew told me he had installed Firefox but only used it to test web page designs since he didn’t know anything about it. It was on his profile, not his mother’s, so I had to do the profile dance. Which also meant that I no longer had easy access to a couple of articles I’d just whipped up as they were in his mother’s profile. Accessing them meant jumping around the hard drives to find them and make sure they were in the shared user documents so I could access them no matter which profile I was using. By the end of the second day, I was going back and forth between three different profiles to access specific programs installed “only” to those profiles. What a mess!
I’d work on a project, then step away from the computer for a moment and return to find a family member playing solitaire on their profile. I’d kick them off and then forget whose profile I’d just been working with. Sigh.

If you don’t blog all the time, you might find it a bit silly, but its honestly the case for heavier bloggers. Have you ever been away from your computer and needed to blog. Write about it on your blog, and let me know by commenting on this post. I’d love to feature some great stories of frustration or overcoming the problem.