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Blogging Software: Recommended Future Goals

Over the next year or two, I would really love to see WordPress or another tool evolve to the point that expressing my thoughts, opinions and articles on the web is not only easier, but more effective.
Currently, when I publish a post that post is published on my site, and a variety of sites are notified that I have posted new content. Mixing that in with RSS and an e-mail subscription service, means that a fair bit of people find out that I have a new post up, but this still does not feel adequate.
First off, it’d be nice if WordPress had a built in e-mail subscription service inside its publishing platform. A few people, like my mom, and grandma are still part of the e-mail users generation, and the idea of RSS subscriptions is a bit beyond them, and not something they want to take part in. They like having things appear in their e-mail in box.
I’d also like to see better multimedia handling. WordPress does an okay job, but better support for pictures, music and video, without the support of a plugin for each would be ideal. WordPress is getting better with image handling, and I enjoy how they are doing it for WordPress 2.1, though its not revolutionary, it’s getting better slowly, but images are not all that we are working with, especially these days.
Another thing that is important is the social aspect of blogging. is doing really well in this regard as you can go to your dashboard and see the posts and comments you have made. If you go to the homepage you can see the top stories, blogs and whatnot. They are growing a community, and this is something that other publishing systems need to work on, including Maybe this comes in the form of a service that we sign up for like coComment or something, but I want to be able to track my involvements and my friends involvements on certain blogs.
The last thing I want to see in blogging software is an increase in the ease of changing the look and feel, from the blog itself, to the login page, to the administration panel. I know this would require some pretty powerful tools, but I think with all the wonder of “Web 2.0” we could accomplish more of this. WordPress has its “widgets” which allow some great customization of the sidebar, as well as a header tool for the Kubrick theme in’s install, and tons of themes on This needs to be expanded. Part of the creativity that comes with having a blog is being able to customize the look and feel so that it reflects the personality of the writer without requiring either the skills of a veteran PHP coder, or the deep pockets to pay a coder that does.
No blogging software is perfect yet, but these are tools that are helping us spread our thoughts and opinions. As long as we keep telling the software developers what we need, they will know where to go and what will make us happy. So take some time, and think about what you would like changed, either for blogging tools in general, or your favorite software.